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Miss Spotless provides professional, meticulous, and affordable house cleaning services that will make your home sparkle.

Whether you need a one-time cleaning or ongoing scheduled maid service, we will help make your home a more enjoyable. and healthful place for you, your family and guests.

Kitchen Cleaning
Dust  and spot clean cabinet fronts. A Majority of homeowners equip their  kitchen with different furniture types and when it comes to cleaning  them, the majority of people wipe or wash, forgetting that different  cabinet surfaces need different cleaning techniques.

Whether your kitchen cabinet is painted, coated, stained or laminate, we will  clean your kitchen cabinet using the appropriate cleaning techniques. That will not only bring out the beauty, but also increase its lifespan.

Sanitize Sink & Polish Faucet
Kitchen sinks are among the most used equipment in the house. This is the  same reason why it still remains one of the dirtiest items in the household.

If left unclean too long it can lead to breeding of bacteria, that can lead to life-threatening illnesses.

Our  professional cleaners will incorporate non-harmful cleaning products that will make your stainless steel or porcelain sink clean and fresh.

Wipe microwave interior and exterior
We Provide  one of the best oven and microwave cleaning services in Maryland, it’s actually a right claim. We have years of experience helping individuals keep their homes interior and exterior premises clean beyond reproach.

We will use the right products and techniques that will keep your microwave sparkling and last longer.

Dust light fixtures
Cleaning light fixtures is not an easy job as it usually requires a stepladder and a steady hand. It is a necessity as light fixtures are a magnet for dust. The only way to enjoy the light you are paying for is to make the  light features clean. A dirty bulb can shed 30% less light.

Your light features will transform your house and create a brighter view.  The chore definitely needs to be on your spring cleaning but rather than taking up the hassle, we will handle it.

Clean/Polish Refrigerator Exterior
A  refrigerator is a beautiful appliance that most leave out when cleaning a kitchen. It is of paramount importance not to ruin the stainless steel finish or the inside of it.

When you opt for our service, we will ensure your refrigerator is appropriately cleaned so that it will not in any way damage the finish.

Vacuum & Mop Kitchen Floor
There are professional ways of cleaning the floor to maintain the tiles or the covering. Floors should be regularly vacuumed to remove debris and dust from all areas.

After vacuuming, wet mopping should follow to remove any bonded soils.

What this is trying to tell you is that we know the right steps to follow to maintain the floor of your house, and we will give it a professional touch that will make the floor sparkle.

Sanitize Countertops
Whether your countertop type is granite, laminate or any other material, we will ensure that we clean it anytime we visit your home.

Dust small appliances & items on countertops. All small appliances and items on the countertops will not be left unclean anytime we visit your home.

Clean/Polish Oven Exterior
Apart from the inside of your oven, we will ensure the outside view of your oven is well cleaned.

Clean/Polish Stove Top & Vent Hood
If working perfectly, your vent hood is designed to pull all the fumes from your stove top. If left unclean, it can attract insect and accumulate dirt and grease.

We will make sure we clean your stove top and vent hood to prevent the accumulation of debris and oil.

Remove Trash and Replace Bag

Bathroom Cleaning
Full deep cleaning of your bathroom/bathrooms.

Scrub Tile & Grout

Vacuum Whole House or Office

This is just the very basics of what we cover. We will always work to accommodate your needs. Just call and ask!


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