Cleaning Hardwood Floors & Preventing Dirty Feet Marks

By Kerley P.

Hardwood floor is no doubt an ageless style that adds an extra appeal to any home. However, walking indoors with dirty soles can leave drastic footprints and stains that get harder to clean from time to time. Aside from unsightly marks, footprints can be the “go signal” for further damage to crop up – scratches. Cleaning hardwood floors can get frustrating sometimes. But, you’re fortunate enough because Miss Spotless Cleaning tips blog is here to help.

Using Broom and Mop

Regularly cleaning hardwoocleaning hardwood floorsd floors with a broom or dust mop is important. This routine helps maintain your floor’s shine and overall condition.   It also helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and stains that can be very challenging to get rid of after a while.

For a quick clean, use a broom first to get rid of loose dust and soil. Next, apply a dusting agent to your mop if necessary and use it to thoroughly clean your hardwood floors from all kinds of accumulated dirt.

For better results, pick a mop with a microfiber head as this type of material easily traps dust and grime. Most mop manufacturers will include instructions on how to use their product for optimal cleaning performance so be sure to follow them strictly.

It’s also important to note that some mops do not require wood floor polish or dusting sprays. Check the usage instructions and features of your mop before purchasing cleaning agents and other materials so you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Using a Cleaning Agent

If you happen to have a mop that needs to be paired with a cleaning agent, finding the best wood floor cleaner becomes crucial. The most important rule while looking for a cleaner for your floors is to find one that is designed for cleaning hardwood floors.

It may sound obvious but this basic instruction is often overlooked as homeowners often settle with leftover vinyl or tile cleaners and other multi-purpose cleaners to clean their hardwood floors. They think that cleaning agents generally have the same effect but this is completely wrong.

Using a Vacuum

You also have the option to use a vacuum in cleaning hardwood floors. Doing so can help you save time and effort, and it can be done in a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Using a vacuum to clean your floor is also relatively easier compared if you use a mop. 

Though setting up a vacuum and reaching all the nooks and crannies of your home using it can be challenging, it will eventually be easier and less time-consuming once you have gotten used to it.

Just remember to use a floor-brush attachment when using a vacuum to clean your hardwood floors. Never opt for a beater bar as it can scratch your wood floor’s finish. Use disposable electrostatic cloths if you only want quick dusting.

Prevent Dirty Feet Marks

Like anything else, prevention is better than cure when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors. Don’t skimp on using floor mats in your home. Be sure to have one on both outside and inside exterior doors so you can lessen the amount of dirt entering your home.

Set up an area where your family or guests can remove their footwear especially when it rains or snow. Aside from having a place for them to sit down and an area where they can store their boots or shoes, it’s important to have a rag or cleaning cloth tucked nearby so you can easily clean errant puddles.

Installing floor protectors under furniture is also a good idea to prevent marks on hardwood floors. If you have kids, don’t forget to use rugs on their play area to keep their toys from scratching the floor.

Taking care of your home doesn’t solely depend on your broomsticks and dusters. General cleaning must be practiced to ensure that all your investments are safe and can withstand time. Cleaning hardwood floors won’t be as effective if proper care isn’t realized. Want to keep the shine on your hardwood floors? Call Miss Spotless Cleaning today and treat your home with the best care it deserves.

Never opt for a beater bar as it can scratch your wood floor’s finish. Use disposable electrostatic cloths if you want a quick painless dusting solution!

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