How to Get Rid Of Scratch Marks From Stainless Steel Sinks

By Kerley P.

Have you ever taken a long hard look at your kitchen sink and found it to be completely covered in scratches? Just try it! Not only are those scratches hard on the eyes they can be a hotbed of bacteria and grime as they get worse over time. Don’t worry, Miss Spotless Cleaning has got you covered. Learn all about how to get rid of scratch marks from stainless steel sinks by reading on below.

Minor Hard To Find Kitchen Sink Scratches

A rough and damaged stainless kitchen sink basin will steal away the beauty of a kitchen that is otherwise flawless. While a sink made from quality material usually boasts an impeccable finish, scratches are unavoidable. The good news is that nontoxic cleaners can remove minor scratches, and a specific wet-sanding method is available that performs well on more serious scratches. It could be difficult to remove scuff marks entirely. It’s a special process to remove the marks, but with a little practise and dedication, you can make your kitchen sink basin look fresh again.

Rinse warm water over your sink. Place the stopper in the sink and let a good amount of warm soapy air soak your sink. Drench a sponge into the water and clean your basin, paying careful attention to places where stains and grime appear to build up.
Take away the stopper and let the sink water flow out. To make the suds clear, wash the sink with fresh water. Analyze the basin and run over any places you could have skipped with a fresh wash pad. With a fresh, stain-free towel, wipe the basin dry and remain aware of where the marks are positioned.

Drop a small quantity of a liquid acerbic cleaner onto a smooth scouring sheet. Make sure that the cleaning product works with stainless materials.

To blend it in with the surrounding sink area, rub front and back steadily over the scratch. Use steady pressure, and if the stainless steel contains a tool mark grain, rub in that orientation. Wipe the area clean every now and then to test and see if the mark is fading or has vanished. Several cleaner applications may be required. If you have obtained the desired outcome, stop.

Clean down the sink until all of the scratches are gone. Using hot water, detergent for liquid dishes and a clean sponge. With a washcloth, dry the sink completely. Using a stainless sink polish and follow the instructions on the box if you want more shimmer.

Hard, Deep and Stubborn Kitchen Sink Scrapes and Marks

Follow the instructions stated above for minor scratches. But follow the ones that follow for major scrapes and cuts in your kitchen sink basin.

Apply a rubber sanding ring to a industrial grit sandpaper. Fill a little bucket with warm, clean water. Submerge the sanding block into the bucket and let the water soak up the paper. The damaged area should be completely covered by sander and sturdy pressure applied. Scrub back backwards and forwards, continuing in grain area. Dunk the sanding block regularly and inspect the area periodically to see if the mark is fading.

Connect the rubber sanding block to a lower grit sandpaper when there is no sign of change continue down grit levels. Repeat the process of sanding and dunking until the scratch is gone. It takes some dedication but you always get better with practice!

A rough and damaged stainless kitchen sink basin will steal away the beauty of a kitchen that is otherwise flawless.

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