How Do You Remove Black Mold In The Shower?

By Kerley P.

Ironically, one of the dirtiest parts of our house can be our bathroom. It produces mold in our floors and walls, especially on tiled bathrooms. Mold is a type of fungus that grows in our environment. You can see the molds between the small spaces of the tiles. Molds can also creep your whole house. It is not only an eyesore but also it can cause a legitimate health hazard. If you don’t have an idea of how to remove molds in your shower. Follow Miss Spotless and it will help you and give tips on how to remove it and how it grows in your home.

Showers are renowned for the smell and gunk they accumulate over time. Of course, somewhere somehow there are some super clean sanitized showers, but they are very few and far between. Life takes place and cleaning the shower on most people’s to dos is very low down.

Don’t think about that. Moldy showers happen to all of us! You read that right. Every week people fight shower molds when they could just be leaving it to Miss Spotless Cleaning.

Sometimes it’s too tough to beat shower mold and people let it linger. Each shower is special, which is why not every way to get rid of the mold in your shower is one-size. But never be afraid – we will provide you with a variety of options to remove the shower mold. You just have to play and find the right procedure in your bathroom.

Why Do You Get Mold In Your Shower

That fungus in the shower is really normal. In the bathroom there is plenty of water and moisture that molds love.

Wet surfaces and puddles of water are also created by running water in the shower. It can easily lead to fungus growth if you don’t dry this moisture off quickly.

Beyond this it evaporates into the air and increases humidity as the waters of the bathroom dry out. The bathroom also gets moistened with steam from the shower or hot bath. Since the bathrooms also do not have sufficient ventilation, moisture sticks around and the drying of water surfaces takes long.

Where Does Mold Grow In The Shower?

  • In the grout, Mold can emerge. It’s one of its most popular places.
  • Unless the window is on your tub, it will expand within the window frame.
  • The drain and on the drain plug can be created.
  • On a shower paddle, the mould will expand.
  • If you have doors, it can grow in the door tracks.
  • Under shampoo bottles, soap bars, tubes of shaving cream, …
  • While not part of a shower technically, mould can grow on the curtain of a shower.
  • Mold may grow also behind shower and wall tiles but this is typically because of a leak behind the shower and not because of shower water.

Best Way To Clean Black Mold In The Shower

First you have to gather your supplies for black mold cleaning:

  • Bleach
  • Protective gloves
  • A protective mask
  • Spray bottle
  • A new bristle brush

Add a 1 part bleach solution to 2 parts water (it doesn’t have to be weighed exactly). Spray the damaged regions of the mold and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. The mold may have begun to fade away. Take a brush and wash as best as you can around the drain cover. You would need to use a small brush like an old toothbrush to really get into all the little places. Rinse off the filthy water / detergent and you got it shiny and clean!

Remember, one of the most popular spots for mold to develop is the drain hole / plug opening. When using bleach it is also important to follow certain important safety steps: Please ensure you have adequate ventilation and use a respirator while using bleach. Wear those safety gloves and always choose old clothing – it leaves places where the color is badly fading if you spray bleach on your clothing. When removing mold from the grout in your shower use a similar process. Take your bleach solution that we combined in the spray bottle earlier (1 part bleach to 2 parts water). Spray the solution of bleach onto the infected grout mold. When you have the opportunity, sprinkle the entire grout in the shower. Finally, take your lightweight brush and clean the mould from all the grout and organic lining then finish by mopping up the base of the shower.

We always use our shower every day. Is it ok for you if your shower is full of molds? No! Don’t use your shower with icky mold in it, ever. You need to take action. Remember the tips on how to remove the molds. You can remove the shower mold on your own. Don’t let the hidden danger scattered on your home. It can cause an impact on your health and to your family. If you don’t have time. Call Miss Spotless today for a good cleaning service. They are the ones that can help you to solve your problem in your shower.


Oftentimes you can see molds between the small spaces of the tiles… and they can creep through your whole house. It is not only an eyesore but also it can cause a legitimate health hazard!

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