Tips For Construction Dust Cleaning!

By Kerley P.

One of the most frustrating types of house dirt to clean is construction dust. It’s like you’ve been cleaning for the whole day, and the next day they’re back. You may think that it’s a hopeless case, but you can actually do something to get rid of these horrible specks of construction dust! Follow Miss Spotless’ tips below for hassle-free cleaning experience. 

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Gather Cleaning Materials

Gathering the right materials for construction dust cleaning will help you get the job done fast. Having these materials easily accessible when needed saves a lot of time. There is no need to go from one place to another just to get the right cleaning tool.

Below are some common cleaning materials you need to have.

  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dryer Sheets

Clean Air Filters

After working on a construction project at home, it is necessary to check and clean air filters as needed. You need to get rid of the dust before it gets to the air ducts. There is a possibility that clouds of dust from the construction project went to these filters. Your client will not be happy with dusty air filters after your project is done.

This will not only make the homeowner happy, but it would also keep their family safe. For air filter cleaning, use a high-quality cleaner to ensure that specks of dust are removed effectively. An excellent cleaner is one that you could use for small and big projects. As much as possible, it should have a feature that minimizes the migration of dust all over the house.

Dust Walls

The next thing to check is the walls. In removing dust from walls, use a dry clean towel.  Dry dusting is the safest way to clean walls. However, depending on the type of paint or wall covering, you could also use a damp towel to make cleaning faster.

You need to thoroughly wipe all parts of the wall in the house. For hard to reach areas, you could use a broom. Simply wrap the towel around the bottom part of the broom. In order to get the best cleaning result, clean the walls from the top down. Also, do not forget to clean areas like the sides and back of the cabinets and other furniture. These hard to reach places are common places for dust to buildup so it has to be cleaned.  

Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery

Remember that dust could easily embed into carpets and upholstery. That is why you should not forget to clean them after a construction project. If these areas are left uncleaned, it could look filthy and could even result in an upset client. For better cleaning results, it is a good idea to vacuum twice. This is an excellent practice especially when your project has resulted in a lot of dust inside.

Cleaning the Floors

When it comes to dust cleaning the floor, use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. And while undergoing the construction project, it is best to regularly do the mopping. This will prevent dust from building up. 

For the final cleaning where the project is already done, it is best to use a floor cleaner. This way, the floor would look like you have not done any constructions inside the house. However, be sure that you are aware of the floor material. See to it that the cleaner you use would not ruin the floors.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Aside from cleaning furniture, you also need to clean small items especially those in the renovation area. Some of these common items are:

  • Ceiling fan
  • Lamp Shades
  • Decorative Items 
  • Small Appliances

Everything in the renovation area has to be dust-free.  When possible remove these small items before you begin to keep them from getting dusty in the first place.

We don’t get things done in an instant. There is always a process we should follow to ensure success in what we’re doing. Just like dealing with construction dust, you can’t easily take them out if you’re just sweeping them back and forth. There should be a plan! And Miss Spotless is the one who can help you with that. 

After working on a construction project at home, it is necessary to check and clean air filters as needed. You need to get rid of the dust before it gets to the air ducts.

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